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In a approximately half-yearly turn, students of the UFBA, HUST as well as the DHBW visit the respective city of the universities.Thus, in January 2017, Chinese and German students were on the campus of the UFBA in Salvador da Bahia, in May 2017 Chinese and Brazilian students visited DHBA Mannheim. Furthermore in December 2017 Brazilian and German students will meet their Chinese fellow students in Wuhan for the seminar.

Presentation of a common project.


With advancing globalization and the interweaving of international relations, intercultural competencies are becoming increasingly important in modern society as well as in the modern professional world. However, for the majority of undergraduate students at dual universities, the acquisition of foreign experience is countered by the strict study course plan.The task of the two-week exchange seminar with the renowned partner university is now to counter this problem in a manner compatible with the dual study program..

Presenting own papers in of front of an international group of students and professors.

This seminar combines two key advantages:

On the one hand, it is an obligatory event of the DHBW Bachelorcurriculum and is therefore not an additional burden for the students. The difference is,  where and in which language this study performance is presented. While the majority of each year must hold this in Germany, the participants of the exchange seminar have the opportunity to try out and improve their English-speaking presentation techniques in front of an international audience.On the other hand, the seminar will be held in direct integration into the Brazilian university and not as an external guest seminar. The students learn it together with their Brazilian fellow students, creating a more intensive cultural experience.